Evolve Mission Critical Facility Solutions

For clients who would like a complete approach to mission-critical projects Evolve is proud to offer complete project management services.

Instead of having to contract with scores of entities from architects, engineering firms, electricians, HVAC contractors, general construction and more, Evolve can be your single point of contact to manage the entire process. Evolve can work with your preferred partners to ensure a seamless experience so that your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Evolve’s Approach:


Uptime Requirements; Economic Feasibility; Site Auditing; Load Analysis; Project Estimating; Project Planning


Oversee Architectural, Structural, Civil and MEP efforts and documentation; Construction Documents; Permitting; Lease Exhibits; Monitoring Requirements


Project Scheduling; Equipment Procurement; Construction Implementation; Site Commissioning; Elert™ Implementation; Preventative Maintenance Schedule


Future Growth Planning; Change Control MOP’s and SOP’s; Preventative Maintenance; Continuous Elert™ Monitoring; Diagnostic Reports.


  • From designing critical infrastructure to enhancing existing mission critical facilities, to building a solid infrastructure foundation for the latest in cloud computing advances, Evolve delivers customized solutions to meet the demands and budget of today’s businesses. Evolve works together with clients throughout North America, Canada, and the UK to plan, design, build and maintain cost-effective infrastructure solutions for mission critical and business needs. Evolve ensures a solid foundation for successful business operations.
  • Through a single point of contact, Evolve delivers service and support throughout the lifecycle of you mission critical strategy. As subject matter experts, we collaborate with each client to clarify your exact requirements and provide the right approach to each issue. Every step of the way, Clients benefit from proactive and problem-solving professionals whom are dedicated to 24/7 Client response.  Evolve’s knowledgeable experts are always just a phone call away to resolve any issue and ensure the critical mission facility is operating at optimum efficiency.
  • From state-of-the-art mission critical facility design to world-class deployment, Evolve provides a comprehensive range of services. To meet Client requirements, Clients can choose a complete end-to-end solution or elect individual services for a specific project. Either way, Clients benefit from custom tailored services expertly delivered.
  • In addition to the time savings of dealing with a single source for all of the Clients mission critical facility needs, by bundling all project elements under one roof, Evolve streamlines the process and eliminates middle-man mark-ups, improving cost quality and efficiency control.
  • Client's IT infrastructure is critical to successful operations. At Evolve, we focus on maximizing uptime, connectivity and communication so the Client can focus on their business. Based upon the Client’s criteria, we design, deploy and maintain the entire scope of the facility.  What’s more, Evolve’s attentive approach ensures every project remains on budget and construction remains on schedule.
  • To help keep the Client’s critical mission facility functioning at peak performance, Evolve offers a proactive, preventative maintenance and monitoring service with Elert™. A proven platform for monitoring and managing the critical systems that support the Client’s critical systems, Elert™ instantly notifies pre-determined users when abnormal conditions arise. As such, personnel are notified with the information needed to verify and correct environmental conditions before the problem escalates, causes failures and impacts operations. 
  • Elert™ monitors a variety of facility equipment, including utility input, electrical switchgear, generators, fuel management systems, UPS, PDU, CRAC, building control, fire and security system as well as environmental conditions, pumps, water detection and CCTV.
  • At Evolve we approach critical infrastructure from a holistic point of view. To ensure the Client’s infrastructure remains fully operational, we offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance and service program supported by cross-trained specialists. Evolves team of experts is certified to work on equipment from a range of manufacturers to assure maximum efficiency in problem diagnostics and repair.  In addition, Evolve offers proactive measures such as routine maintenance and system performance analysis.  Combining this preventative capability with our continuous facility monitoring solution and expedited emergency service, Clients enjoy a low-risk, highly available infrastructure.  This commitment to customer-focused support has resulted in Evolve becoming the single-source solution for mission critical facilities in North America, Canada and the UK.



  • Develop Facility Criteria and Owner Requirements
    • Systems Capacities.
    • Level of Reliability.
    • System Redundancy.
    • Maximum Utilization of Space.
    • Growth Schematics.
  • Identify Various Solutions to Meet Design Criteria
    • UPS Topology.
    • HVAC/Heat Rejection.
    • Fire Protection.
    • Network Infrastructure Design.
    • Order of Magnitude Budgets.
  • Oversee the Preparation of Schematic Designs
    • Architectural Diagrams
    • Electrical One Lines
    • Mechanical Line Diagram
    • Infrastructure Layout
    • Data Center Equipment /Rack Layout
    • Monitoring System Layouts
  • Oversee the Specification of “Long Lead-Time” Components
    • Generators
    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
    • Automatic Transfer Switches
    • Process Cooling Equipment
    • Heat Rejection
  • Solicit Pricing from Industry Leading Manufacturers
    • Only highest quality vendors /subcontractors are considered.
    • Recommend Qualified Product
    • Finalize Budgets
    • Issue Purchase Orders
    • Ensure pricing stability and delivery


  • Oversee Architectural, Structural, Civil and MEP efforts and documentation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Models where applicable
  • Code Compliance Review
  • Local Jurisdiction Permitting
  • Permit Expediting
  • Project Schedules


  • On-site Construction Management
  • Contract Procurement
  • Mechanical Scope
  • Electrical Scope
  • Architectural Scope
  • Fire System Scope
  • Monitoring Scope
  • Voice/Data Scope
  • Security Scope


  • Inspection of Implementation
  • Compliance with Design Documents
  • Integrated Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Customer Training
  • Documentation/O&M Manuals
  • Customer Support
  • Routine Preventative Maintenance
  • Pre-emptive Service
  • Expedited Emergency Response
  • Elert™ Advanced Facility Monitoring