Evolve Evolution Series

Evolve is proud to have a patent for our Evolution Series of Generators. The Evolve Evolution Series Generator is the world’s first scalable and redundant emergency power generator solution. As your facility grows, so does your power generation need.  With the Evolution Series, Evolve can provide a scalable power generation solution that grows when you do.

Expertly designed with space for multiple generators in a single enclosure, the Evolution Series Power Plant space is reserved for your growing power needs.  Saving your facility upfront costs while retaining flexibility for future growth.  When fully deployed, the system provides redundancy and no downtime maintenance.  Engineered redundancy incorporated into each package makes the product a fiscally responsible choice on day-one, a cost conscience choice upon installation and an ultimately sound, cost saving solution for your business.  All of this while increasing reliability and redundancy, with no single points of failure.

Current emergency standby power generators for mission critical facilities have the following challenges:

  • A 2MW Generator takes on average 8 - 12 hours to conduct an annual PM using two technicians vs. a 500kW takes less than 2 hours with a single technician.
  • Conducting annual preventative maintenance and resistive load testing on a generator requires the unit to be offline.
  • 15% of all generators will fail after 8 hours of continuous running.
  • 5% of generators fail after 1-hour.
  • 2% of generators fail to start.
  • Cost of power generation increases with generator size as the cost per kW goes up.
  • Generators operating at low loads (< 30%) can cause “wet stacking” leading to engine failure over time.
  • For optimal combustion, a diesel generator should be operated at > 60% of rated capacity. Generators are more efficient when operating at a higher % of capacity.
  • Replacement parts for smaller engines are stocked locally where parts for larger engines often require special ordering (in some cases from overseas).
  • Cost of replacement parts on larger engines can cost > 6x more than on smaller engines.

The Evolution Series solves all of these issues:

  • The Evolution Series can be configured to not only provide N+1 or N+2 redundancy, without expensive parallel gear, it can also be configured to grow as your needs grow. Instead of having to oversize your generator for future growth, which not only costs extra money, but can also cause issues such as wet stacking, you can buy exactly the power you need today and add engines as you grow.
  • N+1 Engine Design. Always have the peace of mind that if an engine fails, the remaining engines are able to carry the load of the facility.
  • Design is scalable to future loads of design of the facility with additional engines added as the facility’s load increases over time. This provides the original design to operate at optimal capacity. With no wet stacking by operating at the current load of the facility.
  • With N+1 Redundancy:
    • Eliminates single points of failure.
    • PM takes < two hours per engine with one technician.
    • Never need to take package out of automatic mode/service.
      • Eliminates rental power needs when in need of maintenance.
    • Less expensive to maintain.
      • Smaller engines provide the ability to lower costs of replacement parts.
      • Parts are readily available and replacement engines are also more available with short lead times.
    • Often rental load banks are not necessary and if required are less expensive.
    • Saves as much as 10% in capital investment/operating costs.
    • Paralleling gear is not used in the package.
      • Considerable savings when considering redundant power, all within one package.
    • Diesel Fuel Programs.
    • Natural Gas Fuel Programs.
    • Evolution Series Generator Sizes:
      • Packages can be provided with two to seven power blocks in a single enclosure using:
        • 200KW Engines (400KW to 2.1MW).
        • 400KW Engines (800KW to 2.8MW).
        • 500KW Engines (1MW to 3.5MW).
      • Multiple enclosures can be tied together to provide the power that your facility needs above and beyond 3.5MW.
    • Comprehensive Generator Equipment Maintenance and Service Programs.
    • Monitoring:
      • Evolve through the Elert™ monitoring system will continually monitor, 24/7/365, generator performance and be able to know if there are issues with the package in real time and provide service with no lead time or failure prior to major issues arising.
    • Evolve provides turnkey design and installation of the package.

Evolve is proud to be an authorized dealer for:

  • John Deere
  • MTU
  • Caterpillar