eLERT™ Monitoring System

One of eVOLVE's premier customer support goals is to provide the most reliable, user-friendly environmental monitoring system available. We supply this capability through our internally developed system, eLERT™, which allows remote review of your data center systems via the internet.

eLERT™ monitors a variety of facility equipment including your utility input, electrical switch gear, generator, fuel management system, UPS, PDUs, CRACs, building control, fire and security system as well as environmental conditions, pumps, water detection and CCTV.

When an abnormal condition arises, eLERT™ supplies instant notification to pre-determined users. Receiving an eLERT™ provides personnel the information they need to verify and correct environmental conditions before the problem escalates, failures occur and business operations are impacted.

In addition to alarm notifications, eLERT™ is a customizable application with capabilities such as:

  • Providing at-a-glance summary graphics that quickly identify the operational status of the entire facility and critical infrastructure
  • Supplying user hierarchy to enable appropriate operators to modify alarm limits
  • Providing custom notification and messaging set-up with built-in escalation feature
  • Temporary alarm disabling feature for "In-Maintenance Mode" during routine equipment inspection visits
  • Identifying critical equipment conditions
  • Displaying facility layout, sensor placement, alarm conditions and equipment locations
  • Automatically placing emergency procedures in alarm summary
  • Keeping alarm condition "alive" until problem is solved
  • Simultaneously storing 100 active alarms in summary
  • Allowing manual screen call-up from your NOC location
  • Displaying fault conditions
  • Displaying and printing instructions for personnel use
  • Providing historical trend data with timetable flexibility from minutes to days