Failure to properly commission a data center can result in unplanned downtime and disruption to data processing. eVOLVE's integrated commissioning of all physical infrastructure components ensures maximum facility performance and substantiates the initial investment in the physical infrastructure.

Commissioning provides documented confirmation that building systems function according to criteria set forth in the project documents to satisfy the owner’s operational needs. We are committed to this process and staunchly oversee facility construction, network installation and systems outfitting with quality assurance as a primary focus.

We adhere to our steadfast quality process methodology, validating that your critical power, cooling, fire suppression, security and management systems are performing as intended. Specific commissioning services include:

  • Inspection of entire implementation
  • Integrated component and load testing
  • Documentation and O&M manuals
  • Design documents compliance assurance
  • Facility and system training and startup



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