Monitoring-Data Center Status At a Glance

eLERT advanced monitoring system delivers a single, concise platform for critical monitoring and management of the data center infrastructure systems through its web-accessible graphic user interface and at-a-glance roll up view for simple status. No one needs to tell you how bad down time is.

eLERT constantly compiles data for the entire data center, becoming a central point for your critical information.

Don’t risk it. The eLERT™ monitoring solution takes the pressure off. This system delivers increased visibility and management of critical systems that support your data center operations.

Maximum System Availability
By maintaining a stable facility, free from hazardous environmental fluctuations, you can be assured that your mission-critical infrastructure is in peak operating condition. eLERT™ effectively monitors all data center systems and instantly notifies select personnel of any concerns, mitigating the potential negative impacts on business operations.

Instant Problem Notification
When an abnormal condition arises, eLERT™ supplies immediate notification on changing system conditions such as power, temperature, water intrusion, humidity, airflow and equipment operating parameters. An eLERT™ notification provides personnel the information they need to verify and correct environmental conditions before the problem escalates and causes failure.

Comprehensive System Monitoring
eLERT™ monitors a full range of facility equipment and systems while collecting and storing performance information. A sampling of the surveyed equipment includes the data center’s uninterruptible power supplies, electrical switch gears, power generators, fuel management systems, power distribution units, branch circuit monitoring, chillers, computer room air conditioning units and fire, security and building control systems.

Information Access
The eLERT™ monitoring system allows you to remotely monitor your critical infrastructure assets via the Internet. Through a Web interface, data center management can access vital information from any computer terminal. Critical data include: continuous data trending, at-a-glance system status, alarm history, custom floor plans, dynamic electrical one-line drawings and mechanical systems.

Customizable Applications
Addressing the unique needs of a specific data center is simple with the eLERT™ monitoring system. Multiple options exist involving dynamic data that change color and/or flash for event notifications to suit specialized facility requirements. Additional features include displays of facility layouts, sensor placements, equipment locations, printing of response instructions for personnel use, tailored trend data for implementing system efficiencies and routine maintenance scheduling.

Increased Energy Efficiency
Most companies are seeking new ways to decrease energy consumption and become green organizations. Through eLERT™, data center managers can track and analyze facility power usage and receive key information that could lead to reductions in electricity demand. The result is reduced operating expenses and enhanced eco-friendly operating practices.

Warranty Compliance
Most critical infrastructure equipment manufacturer agreements include warranty terms that may be voided when their products are operated in conditions outside of stated environmental specifications. eLERT™ provides continuous, real-time information on infrastructure operating conditions to allow data center operators to make immediate adjustments to their facility ensuring mission critical IT equipment is maintained within warranty standards.

Performance Process
Our goal in providing a premier data center monitoring system is to supply data center managers with the necessary tools to supervise the health of their infrastructure equipment and systems. eLERT™ provides simple diagnostic functions that forewarn of an array of potential problems before the infrastructure is potentially degraded. As part of our performance process, we:

  • Employ a robust hardware and software platform that is proven throughout the world.
  • Develop a uniform data set, based on the core concept of transforming data from a multitude of diverse external systems and equipment into uniform software components.
  • Utilize the data set in a development environment to construct a user friendly, at-a-glance, complete monitoring capability for the IT systems infrastructure.
  • Determine the various communications protocols required to interface with infrastructure equipment and systems.
  • Determine the necessity for providing physical I/O directly connected to the monitoring system.
  • Ensure complete understanding of the requirements and expectations of your business operations.
  • Provide one-line diagrams and operational capabilities for review and customization.
  • Supply the monitoring system design and functionality in submittal format.
  • Explain, demonstrate and train users on how to operate the system.
  • Prepare hardware/software and install per requirements and specifications.

eLERT™ monitors a variety of facility equipment including your utility input, electrical switch gear, generator, fuel management system, UPS, PDUs, CRACs, building control, fire and security system as well as environmental conditions, pumps, water detection and CCTV.
When an abnormal condition arises, eLERT™ supplies instant notification to pre-determined users. Receiving an eLERT™ provides personnel the information they need to verify and correct environmental conditions before the problem escalates, failures occur and business operations are impacted.
In addition to alarm notifications, eLERT™ is a customizable application with capabilities such as:

  • Providing at-a-glance summary graphics that quickly identify the operational status of the entire facility and critical infrastructure.
  • Temporary alarm disabling feature for "In-Maintenance Mode" during routine equipment inspection visits.
  • Supplying user hierarchy to enable appropriate operators to modify alarm limits.
  • Providing custom notification and messaging set-up with built-in escalation feature.
  • Identifying critical equipment conditions.
  • Displaying facility layout, sensor placement, alarm conditions and equipment locations.
  • Automatically placing emergency procedures in alarm summary.
  • Keeping alarm condition "alive" until problem is solved.
  • Simultaneously storing active alarms in summary.
  • Allowing manual screen call-up from your NOC location or the web.
  • Displaying fault conditions.
  • Providing historical trend data with timetable flexibility from minutes to days.
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring.
  • User-defined Alarming capabilities.
  • Utilizes Standard Communication Protocols (SNMP, BACnet, Modbus, Lon, I/O contacts).
  • Custom floors plans and dashboard view with hyper links.
  • Maintenance Mode with Scheduling program.
  • Power and cooling capacity Planning.
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