Design / Build

eVOLVE's proven Data Center Design Build Solutions condense the process into a concise and clear method that completes the data center on budget and on time. While serving as the single source of responsibility from start to finish and maintenance. eVOLVE's method lowers cost, saves time, reduce risk, improves efficiency, increase reliability, customer peace of mind.

eVOLVE's core infrastructure solutions encompass the ever changing needs of the data center and we have proven track record of providing sucessful projects for our cleints.

eVOLVE's methodology delivers complex, fast-track, data center projects that provides reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions via our proven five segmented phases: Design Development, Pre-Construction, Construction Documentation, Construction Implementation, and Project Commissioning. eVOLVE's ability to manage concurrent work in multiple phases is crucial to our and our client's success.



MOST IMPORTANT: Discover phase creates the image of the data center project and eVOLVE will work directly with the client to develop the project requirements and schematic design. Primary design criteria and owner requirements are identified, future technology hardware requirements, various design solutions are discussed, and schematic drawings are produced.

RESULTS: This phase enables eVOLVE to size critical infrastructure components and obtain competitive pricing from multiple vendors and utilize exact specifications for the design phase.

ADVANTAGES: Money. Pricing of all critical components is performed by eVOLVE utilizing the national buying power with the approved vendors (Evolve is vendor neutral)and the owner is NOT disclosed, therefore, no vendor is aware who the owner is and does NOT have opportunity to increase their mark-up for infrastructure hardware because of preferred vendors.

TIMEFRAME: Because eVOLVE has already performed the majority of this work, our delivery timeframe will be much faster than our competition and will only require minor modifications instead of complete development. This saves weeks of design that will utilized in the Deploy Stage.


MOST IMPORTANT: Procurement phase enables the team to select the infrastructure products desired for the data center project and issue purchase orders for all major infrastructure components.

RESULTS: Client has selected, with eVOLVE's professional input, all major infrastructure components that will support the data center’s hardware components. This ensures that vital equipment is delivered to the site at a precise time, thus eliminating storage fees, payment prior to equipment needed and construction delays caused by vendors.

ADVANTAGES: Money and Project Schedule. Client is assured that preferred equipment is procured without absorbing subcontractor mark-up and or a 'flat-spec' price punishment. Because of eVOLVE’s volume purchasing power of critical infrastructure equipment we get the best price in the industry. With equipment purchase orders written, eVOLVE can dictate ship dates for all infrastructure components therefore the project schedule becomes well defined.

TIMEFRAME: Delivery timeframes of critical components can be included with design information to key subcontractors for pricing. This enables subcontractors to create more detail pricing during their estimating process, thus their respective bids are much more accurate as contingency dollars for unknown conditions are minimized.

MOST IMPORTANT: The two previous phases streamline our engineering/construction document production process because the exact infrastructure component have been selected and all construction documents are detailed around a specific manufacturers products including dimensions, weights, clearances, etc.
RESULTS: Client will benefit by having accelerated design reviews because our engineering professionals will not have to wait until the conclusion of a bid process to know what equipment is going to be installed in the data center environment. The owner will have expedited knowledge of and input on more detailed design issues, thus the entire design package becomes much more comprehensive with exact known equipment.
ADVANTAGES: Time. Client selecting and eVOLVE procuring all major infrastructure components in early project phases, our equipment specification times are minimized. Instead of our engineers designing around any approved manufacturer's equipment (i.e. size, clearance, FLA, etc.), all construction documents are developed around exact equipment requirements and again, this time savings will compound and become significant in the deploy phase of the project.
TIMEFRAME: Because designing data centers and other critical infrastructure environments is eVOLVE's primary business, we are experienced with all codes that affect the environment and no learning curve on code interpretation is required by our team of experts. When eVOLVE is compared with our competition, client is assured an experienced industry professional for the data center project and need not be concerned that their last project was a non-IT related project.
MOST IMPORTANT: Client will be able to take comfort in knowing that eVOLVE's data center team of professionals has performed this type of project multiple times before and the data center is not a learning curve project for eVOLVE.
Additionally, eVOLVE's methodology place an experienced data center engineer/manager as the on-site project manager as opposed to a general contractor that might have knowledge of data center work.
RESULTS: When subcontractors have questions about the construction documents, eVOLVE’s on-site construction manager and engineer know the intent of our design, therefore contractors do not have to endure lengthy delays while RFI's are sent from the field to their office, to the engineers office and then turned around in similar fashion.
ADVANTAGES: Time and Money. Because eVOLVE approaches this type of project at an engineering/owner level, time is saved by cutting through the traditional red-tape of no one wanting to make a key decision. Additionally, with multiple sets of engineering eyes on the project, potential bottle-neck/critical path delays are foreseen and remedied prior to becoming a project delay or rework situation that costs money.
TIMEFRAME: Since the construction implementation is the longest of all phases client realizes the benefits of the time that was saved in previous phases and eVOLVE's unique methodology ensures the maximum amount of time allotment for the implementation effort.
MOST IMPORTANT: client’s IT and facilities personnel will be most interested in this phase of the project as all inadequacies of the construction effort are defined and documented so that each one can be corrected prior to the data center 'go-live' date.
RESULTS: All systems that support the data center are checked and tested prior to carrying the critical loads so when the data center is turned over, client has assurance that the data center has been implemented correctly. eVOLVE will provide a custom operation and maintenance manual for all components of the project and as-built engineering drawings.
ADVANTAGES: Client will have firsthand knowledge of the testing and commissioning procedures and eVOLVE will review the data center infrastructure with our team of engineers, but we will commission the entire critical infrastructure components.
TIMEFRAME: This is perhaps the shortest in duration of all phases and eVOLVE can minimize this phase by concurrently testing segregated systems prior to commissioning the data center as a complete environment. Given that this is the final project phase, it usually carries the most scrutiny because the owner wants to bring processing on line, therefore, concurrent activity minimizes the duration of this phase.

DISCOVERY - (pre-design development)

Develop Facility Criteria and Owner Requirements

  • Kilowatts/Rack.
  • Systems Capacities.
  • Level of Reliability.
  • System Redundancy.
  • Maximum Utilization of Space.
  • Growth Schematics.

Identify Various Solutions to Meet Design Criteria

  • UPS Topology.
  • HVAC/Heat Rejection.
  • Fire Protection.
  • Network Infrastructure Design.
  • Order of Magnitude Budgets.

Prepare Schematic Design

  • Architectural Diagrams.
  • Electrical One Lines.
  • Mechanical Line Diagram.
  • Infrastructure Layout.
  • Data Center Equipment /Rack Layout.
  • Monitoring System Layouts.

PROCURE - (pre-construction procurement)

Specify all Long Lead-time Components

  • Generators.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply’s (UPS).
  • Automatic Transfer Switches.
  • Process Cooling Equipment.
  • Heat Rejection.

Solicit Pricing from Industry Leading Manufacturers

  • Only highest quality vendors /subcontractors are considered.
  • Recommend Qualified Product.
  • Finalize Budgets.

Issue Purchase Orders

  • Ensure pricing stability and delivery date.
  • Coordinate delivery.

DESIGN - (project documentation)

  • Architectural, Structural, Civil and MEP Construction Documents.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Models.
  • Code Compliance Review.
  • Local Jurisdiction Permitting.
  • Permit Expediting.
  • Project Schedules.

DEPLOY - (construction procurement/implementation)

  • On-site Construction Management.
  • Contract Procurement.
  • Mechanical Scope.
  • Electrical Scope.
  • Architectural Scope.
  • Fire System Scope.
  • Monitoring Scope.
  • Voice/Data Scope.
  • Security Scope.

DEPLOY - (post-construction)

  • Inspection of Implementation.
  • Compliance with Design Documents.
  • Integrated Testing.
  • Commissioning.
  • Customer Training.
  • Documentation/O&M Manuals.
  • Customer Support.
  • Routine Preventative Maintenance.
  • Pre-emptive Service.
  • Expedited Emergency Response.
  • eLert Advanced Facility Monitoring.
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